Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The gloves are off! Simon Cowell mocks American Idol in cheeky X Factor USA ad


Pretty in pink: Cowell's sweater and sincere gaze echo the demeanour of Idol judge Jennifer Lopez in the spoof

Applauding and praising tuneless auditions, cosying up to fellow judges, driving an environmentally-friendly car and wearing a pink jumper - it all adds up to Simon Cowell's worst nightmare.

But there is a seam of reality in the first X Factor USA promo, because the crew are cheekily sending up Cowell's former U.S. show, American Idol.

The action opens in an audition room that looks suspiciously like the hotel room used in the hit show, and the panel of judges are dressed in pastel hues, a favourite palette of Jennifer Lopez.

Emotive: Nicole Scherzinger mirrors Lopez' encouraging hand gestures

An immediate focus on positivity is evident - which was the all pervading force of the last Idol series, even between the judges, thanks to the sardonic British producer's departure.

Simon, clad in cotton candy cashmere, leads the way by lavishing praise upon awful acts and holding hands with Paula Abdul, while all the judges make emotional gesticulations, like the Idol Panel.

But perhaps the most obvious dig is Paula Abdul's opening remark that the young girl who murders Tomorrow from the film Annie has 'spirit.'

Parody: The X Factor crew send up their Idol counterparts

Detail: Even the drinks on the judges' table in Idol was echoed in the skit

This is most definitely Simon Cowell setting out his stall, the promo implicitly promises that the X Factor USA will have the edge over all over other talent shows.

And as the X Factor is on Fox, the same network as Idol, it's a typically audacious piece of bombast from the celebrated producer.

Rude awakening: With his face in his hands, Simon Cowell wakes up in his luxurious bedroom after a nightmare about the X Factor USA

Thank God for that! A look of relief on his face, Simon snaps back into reality

The promo opens with Simon sitting with his fellow X Factor judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and L.A Reid, wearing a pink cable knit jumper.

A small girl then presents herself to them and starts to sing Tomorrow from Annie very badly.

But rather than cut her off after a couple of notes, Simon patiently waits for her to finish, claps and says, 'That's what I've been waiting for.'

Abdul, to Simon's left, praises the plucky child's spirit, and as the camera pans to the dream-breaker, there's a sharp intake of breath.

No more Mr Nasty Guy? Simon Cowell wears pink and applauds contestant in the new preview for X Factor USA

Times a changing: The new cuddly Simon gets a kiss from Paula Abdul in the new promo

New Look: The panel. including Simon, Nicole and L.A Reid appear to have gone soft

Lucky girl: The awful rendition of Annie would usually have earned her a rejection

A New Decade: 'It's not about me, it's about them,' Simon insists

Eat my dust: The back of Simon's Bugatti, with personalised number plate is seen whizzing past

Jet Set: The team mean business as they are seen strutting away from their private jet

Welsh boy done good: Host Steve Jones (far right) joins the team as they head into the studio

Primed and ready: The four judges will be ready to find a new pop star when the show air on September 21

'We wanted to make something which showed what the show ‘could’ have been, my nightmare basically, then transitioning into what we really are and I thought it would be fun to make that.

'I literally really imagined my worst nightmare, and I put myself into that place and it was that.. Me, loving this song, Paula and I holding hands and I’m now turning into Paula everything is just... awful!. I just suspended my disbelief!'

The X Factor has it's two-Night Series premiere Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 8/7c and Thursday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c on FOX.

source: dailymail


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