Thursday, July 14, 2011

MBLAQ makes a “Mona Lisa” comeback on M! Countdown

Having released their their 3rd mini-album “Mona Lisa” earlier this week, the MBLAQ boys begun their comeback promotions on tonight’s Mnet M! Countdown.

Their title song “Mona Lisa” is a Spanish electronic dance track that was produced by Ji In, Wontag, and Rado – the head producers of MBLAQ’s entire comeback album.

Instead of using synth instruments, the song is filled with analog instruments to differentiate itself from the styles MBLAQ previously performed. Living up to their nickname of being ‘chic idols’, the song’s characteristic is its chic charm.

The lyrics itself compares an unattainable woman’s facial expression to the Mona Lisa and expresses one man’s passionate desire for her love.

Check out their comeback stage below!

source: allkpop


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