Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Upcoming Albums in Year 2012

Welcome to 2012, and we are back to square one looking forward to know more about the most anticipated albums of the year. There are quite a few A-list superstars from the music world who are going to release their new albums this year. 2011 got many excited with some super hits and 2012 won't be any different. Music fans are always on the look out for good music. This year too, they wait for the most anticipated albums coming out in 2012. This year is said to have plenty of great music that will keep one grooving all yearlong. The following is a list of some of the most anticipated albums of 2012 that you need to watch out for.

Upcoming Albums in 2012

The following list of upcoming albums in 2012 contains the name of the artist and the probable release date of the album. Go through the following list and find out which of your favorite artist or band has got their upcoming albums in 2012 lined up for release.

♪ Guided By Voices by "Let's Go Eat The Factory"
♪ "Forgiveness Is A Weapon" by Archer Black
♪ "The Original Sin" by Iron Lamb
♪ "Sleepers In The Rift" by Morbus Chron
♪ "If" by Bill Ryder-Jones
♪ "From The Vanishing Point" by Red Wanting Blue
♪ "Young London" by Young London
♪ "This Means War" by Attack Attack!
♪ "CYRK" by Cat Le Bon
♪ "Rejuvenation" by Juvenile
♪ "Feel The Sound" by Imperial Teen
♪ "Born To Die" by Lana Del Rey
♪ "Old Ideas" by Leonard Cohen

♪" Le Voyage Dans La Lune" by Air
♪ "Be The Void" by Dr. Dog
♪ "Blues Funeral" by Mark Lanegan Band
♪ "Short Song"s by Silverstein
♪ "Hotel Sessions" by The Lemonheads
♪ "No One Can Ever Know" by The Twilight Sad
♪ "Strike The Mics" by Vintage Blue
♪ "Melt" by Young Magic
♪ "All Of me" by Estelle
♪ "King Of The Waves" by Little Barrie
♪ "Release Me" by Lyle Lovett
♪ "The Slideshow Effect" by Memoryhouse
♪ "Parastrophics" by Mouse On Mars
♪ "Soul Is Heavy" by Nneka
♪ "The End Of That" by Plants and Animals
♪ "Ghostory" by School of Seven Bells

♪ "Break it Yourself" by Andrew Bird
♪ "The Clearing" by Bowerbirds
♪ "Start The Revolution Without Me" by Kaiser Chiefs
♪ "Love At The Bottom Of The Sea" by Magnetic Fields
♪ "One Second Of Love" by Nite Jewel
♪ "Open Your Heart" by The Men
♪ "Ain't Ain't Ain't" by Tom Fite
♪ "Rhine Gold" by Choir Of Young Believers
♪ "Between the Times & the Tides" [of Sonic Youth] by Lee Ranaldo
♪ "Evolution" by Paul Van Dyk
♪ "Redemption" by Before Their Eyes
♪ "Politics Of Envy" by Mark Stewart
♪ "Sonik Kicks" by Paul Weller

New and Upcoming Albums of 2012

The following is a list of some of the most anticipated albums of 2012 whose release date is still not decided. I am sure these albums coming out in 2012 will be greeted with a lot of fanfare from the fans of these artists.

Other Anticipated Albums of 2012
♪ "120 Days II" by 120 Days
♪ [Title TBA] by 50 Cent
♪ "Trespassing" by Adam Lambert
♪ [Title TBA] by Aerosmith
♪ "85" by Austin Brown
♪ [Title TBA] by Beady Eye
♪ "The Reformation" by Bishop Lamont
♪ [Title TBA] by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
♪ "E.L.E.(Extinction Level Event) 2: End of the World" by Busta Rhymes
♪ "Electro Love" by Cassie
♪ "No Risk No Reward" by Chingy
♪ "Redemption of the Beast" by DMX
♪ "Loso's Way 2" by Fabolous
♪ "We Sell Drugs Too!" by Goodie Mob
♪ [Title TBA] by How to Destroy Angels
♪ "Top Five, Dead or Alive" by Jadakiss
♪ "Born and Raised" by John Mayer
♪ "Point Of Go" by Jonquil
♪ "Believe" by Justin Bieber
♪ [Title TBA] by Madonna
♪ "Born Villain" by Marilyn Manson
♪ "My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 2)" by Mary J. Blige
♪ "Hell In A Handbasket" by Meat Loaf
♪ "Hot Holidays" by Meat Loaf
♪ "Lifestyle" by Nelly Furtado
♪ [Title TBA] by Paris Hilton
♪ "What We Saw From The Cheap Seats" by Regina Spektor
♪ "God Forgives, I Don't" by Rick Ross
♪ "Out Of The Game" by Rufus Wainwright
♪ "Clockwork Angels" by Rush
♪ "Master of My Make Believe" by Santigold
♪ "Somewhere In The Middle Of Lust And Love" by Scott Stapp
♪ "Tomahawk Technique" by Sean Paul
♪ "Haute Living" by Swiss Beatz
♪ [Title TBA] by The Beach Boys
♪ "Songs Of Ascent" by U2
♪ "Knees & Elbows" by Willow Smith
♪ [Title TBA]by Xiu Xiu
♪ [Title TBA] by ZZ Top


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